***Want to share your session with a loved one because you need their moral support? Not a problem! They can attend 1 session with you complimentary. If you want to make it a couple’s thing or Maid of Honor thing, or even a Mommy and me thing, your guest would be $24.

***Any Fit 2 Be Wed client who has either the Fit package or the Wedding 911 package can  come to as many group classes as they want without paying an additional fee.***Fit 2 Be Wed also offers seminars on wedding advice. Wedding advice? Yes, you are getting married, we want to also assist in bringing in wedding professionals who are knowledgeable about what you may need to make your day even more special. We will also hold seminars on nutrition and tons more helpful classes. Pricing varies per seminar, ALL Fit 2 be Wed Clients will get a 50% discount.

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​You have 60 days or less and need to get in that dress or tux. You have dialed Fit 2 be Wed and we are sending out the troops! You and a trainer will be joined at the hip for the next 60 days, meeting 3 days a week. That is (24) 60 minute strength and conditioning sessions! This will also include pantry purge, nutritional coaching, assistance with meal prep and monitoring. This package is not for the faint of heart.

Busy Bee

Fit package

​You have to plan a wedding, you don’t have time to meet with a trainer every day! Hell every week! But you still want to look good on your day! We have an online science-based nutrition & exercise plan designed specifically for you. You would meet with  your trainer two times a month for your check ins which include (Fitness test, measurements, body composition, food log coaching and exercise coaching as well as setting up new goals)

Wedding 911


"Healthily Ever After"

​You need a little help getting fit for your Wedding Day. You have three months or more and need a coach to help you through it. This package is the perfect blend of losing weight, getting toned and learning how to make healthier food choices. You will become more active and turn what you have learned from our trainers into when a lifestyle. Let Fit 2 be Wed help you stay motivated and keep you on track with your goals. The fit package is customized based on your personal needs and wedding date. You will work with your personal trainer (2) 60 minute strength and conditioning sessions per week! This package also includes nutritional coaching and monitoring.

Personal Training Packages